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Product : TAGSYS - RFID Reader
About the Product :
TAGSYS offers a versatile family of short, medium and long range HF RFID readers, delivered as OEM, stand alone or packaged units. Typically built off flexible core modules, many reader models are product extensions that have been carefully adapted to the needs of specific industry verticals.
Product Description :
State of the art microprocessors and multi-protocol firmware enable both high performance and large volume, single and multi-read/write applications. Most all readers easily handle the standard HF RFID chips on the market (EPc, Philips Icode, TAGSYS, and other 15693). TAGSYS readers are FCC and CE approved and are used with TAGSYS’ own or many outside-party HF RFID antennas.

OEM Short-Range Readers

TAGSYS Medio™ S002 and S003 : They are 13.56 MHz RFID multi-protocol OEM readers specifically designed to be integrated into small devices where footprint, weight and power consumption are of concern. Used for single and multi-read/write applications where short distances are required, they offer low power consumption and a stand by mode.

Mid-Range Packaged Reader

TAGSYS Medio™ P101 : It is a small, powerful and low cost 13.56 MHz RFID reader for mid-range reading applications. It provides low cost networking capabilities using either a USB/Ethernet or a USB/WiFi interface.

TAGSYS Medio™ P013 : It is a low cost 13.56 MHz RFID OEM reader for mid-range reading applications. It communicates using an RS232/RS422/RS485 serial communication link. It can operate either in standard mode or in standalone mode. One industrial input and output can be used in both operating mode.

TAGSYS L-P101 : It is a low cost multi-protocol mid-range reader especially designed for Library applications. Its small size and USB communication interface ensure ease of integration with existing Library infrastructure.

TAGSYS TR-P101 : It is a low cost multi-protocol mid-range reader especially designed for Textile Rental applications. It can operate either in standard mode or in standalone mode. When operating in standalone mode, the industrial I/O port can be used to trigger and display successful reading.

Long-Range Packaged Readers

TAGSYS Medio™ L100 and L200 : They are multi-protocol long-range RFID readers featuring innovative technologies and designed for applications where 3D and volume detection is required. They are ideal for use in industrial applications where high numbers of items need to be identified simultaneously.

TAGSYS TR-L100 and TR-L200 : They are powerful long-range readers ideally suited to the industrial laundry environment. They offer innovative technology to optimize reading distances and speed whether in single or multi-read applications. The L100 reader has 2 RF channels while the L200 has 4 RF channels.

TAGSYS L-L100 : It is a powerful long-range reader designed for library applications. It offers performance and innovative technology required for multi-read applications.
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