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Product : OptiTex - Pattern Design (PDS)
About the Product :
OptiTex™ PDS Pattern Design Software, input of existing data into OptiTex™ is quick and easy. All subtle details of hard copy patterns will be maintained. Digitizing of tight curves is accurate and easy, with few points. Digitizing of complicated pieces takes seconds and can be made at any time. Digitizing and Grading are two separated modules that can be purchased as stand alone modules. Pattern Design System (PDS) offers intuitive and powerful textile software tools designed for drafting new patterns or editing existing pattern pieces.
Product Description :
Movable toolbars and dialog boxes allow each design engineer to create their own working environment. Icons and tools are organized by functionality order: The "Compare Length" dialog box is used to compare line lengths of multiple pattern segments while the "Insert Toolbar" is used to add pleats, seam allowance, drill holes, notches, and text.

PDS pattern design software provides a full suite of features designed with all sewn products manufacturers in mind: automotive, upholstery, apparel, and composite material. Darts, seam allowance, special corners, advanced measurement techniques, pleats, complicated curves, dimension modifications, and facings, are all fitted to the specific trade.

PDS Pattern design software Productivity Features

  • Most sophisticated Pattern Design System (PDS) tools for pattern generation and editing.

  • Piece generation from scratch by using intuitive & advanced drafting tools without using a digitizer.

  • Import/ Export to or from a wide range of CAD/CAM applications.

  • Full of features designed with all sewn products manufacturers in mind: Grommets, darts, pleats, seam allowance, special corners, advanced measurements techniques, complicated curves, dimensional changing, facings and much more…

  • Quick and sophisticated File Finding tools.

  • Numerous Dart commands for opening single or multiple darts, editing, closing, copying, pasting, closing, rotating, fixing, reforming and removing them.

  • Numerous functions for pleat generation and editing.

  • Special treatment of seamed corners.

  • Extended auto-control mechanism by automatically comparing lengths of segments piece walking, various measurement tools and easy-to-use dialog boxes.

  • Extensive control over internals like notches, buttons, drills, holes, text, lines, circles and other elements for editing & grading.

  • Practically unlimited Stripe and Plaid definition at pattern level for regular and diagonal stripes.

  • Fabric definition while drafting and editing pieces. Import your fabric file or simply scan it.

  • Full freedom in Color and Line Type definition for objects, pieces, internals, grading, bundles, sets, pop-ups, auto-control related features and outputs.

  • Extended reporting tools.

  • Cut Order Optimization tools.

  • On-line help for menu items, tools and features.

  • Deductive screen-cams for several tools and features.

  • Ability to send plot files to any FTP address on the net.

  • Export pattern files to a wide variety of plotters, cutters, and other CAD formats.

  • Customizable tool bars and work area.

  • Familiar Windows work environment for easy navigation.
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