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Voltaic Generator Laptop Bag
Subject : Solar-Powered Voltaic Generator Laptop Bag Gets Reviewed

This laptop bag uses solar panels to soak up sun, which it stores in an on-board battery. While solar-powered bags have been around for years, this is the first to generate enough power to charge a laptop (up to 17 watts), using only a day's worth of sunlight. Like previous, less-powerful models, the bag can also charge gadgets such as phones and MP3 players via the included adapters, USB port or integrated 12-volt car charger. The bag holds notebooks up to 17 in., and its fabric is made entirely from recycled soda bottles. It's pricey, but the Voltaic finally gives us the ability to work in a park or on the road indefinitely, without charging our laptop.

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Video Camera MP4 Watch 4GB
Subject : Thanko's Latest MP4 Watch Boasts 1.8-inch Display, Video Camera

Video playback, or you can listen to music in the popular, "MP4 watch," Chaimashita to be a built-in video camera! And not just video and still images can be taken. Of course, images, the image of a body check on the LCD. The wristwatch, so the difference ITATTA camcorders and mobile phones at the time, "SA" Uri is easy to take the picture!

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E-Pen - Record Anything Anywhere
Subject : Tanu Electronics' E-Pen Records Anything Anywhere

Tanu Electronics' E-Pen Records Anything Anywhere.

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