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Integrated Solutions Technology (IST) [ Philippines ]
 Product : Integrated Solutions Technology - HR2, Human Resource and Human Response
 About the Product : HR2, Human Resource and Human Response, is an integrated web based human resource information system covering important areas of daily human resource tasks: recruitment and hiring, employee records management, time keeping and monitoring, prompt and accurate payroll processing, training and performa...
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Lenvica Software Technologies Pvt. Ltd. [ India ]
 Product : Lenvica Software Technologies - Attend HRM (A Growing HRM Software)
 About the Product : Attend HRM is the first time attendance system of its kind. You may wonder how! Look at the salient features of this product. It is flexible & modular solution for any business!...
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Jeevan Infotech India Pvt. Ltd. [ India ]
 Product : Jeevan Infotech India - HRMS [HR & Payroll Management]
 About the Product : HRMS is for HR & Payroll Management. Global Payroll analysis with multi currency options. It is a 100% Web Enabled Application....
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Coral Softech (A Division of Coral Telecom Ltd.) [ India ]
 Product : Coral Softech - CoralMate-HRIS
 About the Product : CoralMate-HRIS is an advanced suite of Payroll & HR modules spanning the needs of a payroll BPO for outsourced processing, in-house use of SMEs and large corporates. The product is specially designed to be flexible to meet the dynamic changes in the Payroll processes that make it truly employer and ...
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Systech Digital [ Bangladesh ]
 Product : Systech Digital - SystechHRP [Complete HRM Solution for Industry & Corporate]
 About the Product : SystechHR Payroll Management System is completely integrated Enterprise Application covering immaculate Payroll system, comprehensive Human Resource Management, authentic Attendance and Time Management System along with leave, loan, and enriched with robust obligatory modules to run your business sm...
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Nextgen Technologies Pvt. Ltd. [ India ]
 Product : Nextgen Technologies - Human Resource Management System (HRMS)
 About the Product : HRMS software Human Resource Management System developed by NextGen Technologies is focused on high value features that transforms organization’s information into a strategic management tool for more effective and accurate employee management....
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Cosmosoft Technologies Ltd. [ India ]
 Product : Cosmosoft Technologies - cHRMS - Cosmosoft Human Resource Management Solution
 About the Product : cHRMS helps the HR Department in managing employees in line with the organization goals right from hiring to retirement. cHRMS provides the major functionality of HR like Man Power Hiring process, Training Needs and Training Programs, Payroll and TDS with flexible formula inputs, and also addresses ...
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Intelliob Technologies Pvt. Ltd. [ India ]
 Product : Intelliob Technologies - Accord Human Resource Management System [Accord eHR]
 About the Product : Intelob Accord eHR is a revolutionary system that promises to take the pain out of HR Management, Accord eHR has been designed with a view to integrate all HR related functions right from recruitment, creating positions to disbursing pensions....
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Ibuyer HK [ Hong Kong ]
 Product : - ManpowerNet
 About the Product : ManpowerNet is a human resources software used to keep the personal record of employee. Which is used to analysis or locating the best person for your job....
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Saigun Technologies Pvt. Ltd. [ United States Of America ]
 Product : Saigun Technologies - EmpXtrack
 About the Product : EmpXtrack is an integrated enterprise level solution that automates all functions of the HR department of an organization. EmpXtrack is available as a suite as well as individual modules. EmpXtrack is the only web based product that looks at Human Resources as a vertical and provides an end to end s...
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