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FSL Software Technologies [ India ]
 About the Product : Customer database is managed and can be accessed based on the business for the period, category wise, product category wise. It provides you with options to connect to the selective customers via mass-mailing to introduce new line, new catalogue, etc....
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IndusMedia Technologies Pvt. Ltd. [ India ]
 Product : IndusMedia Technologies - e-Smartx
 About the Product : e-Smartex is a state of the art, modern, cost effective and proven platform solution that meets the need of Apparel manufacturing industry. They strongly believe that the effective support they provide from installation to usage is the key successes for both the user and the developers. It enables i...
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Optimal Infotech Pvt. Ltd. [ India ]
 Product : Optimal - Visual Garment Export Management System (VisualGEMS)
 About the Product : VisualGEMS is a high-impact Enterprise resource Management System that delivers unprecedented levels of manageability and adaptability....
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FSL Software Technologies Ltd. [ India ]
 Product : FSL Software Technologies - Frontline ERP
 About the Product : BuyerEase is must for buyers & buying houses. It is a fabulous product to systematize the daily activities of buying houses and buying agents related to Garments, Home-Furnishing, Fabrics, Hard Goods, Giftware, Handicrafts, Accessories, Textile Industry etc. This tool is useful for any organization ...
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Nippon Data Systems Limited [ India ]
 Product : Newton ERP solution for Fashion & Textiles
 About the Product : Newton for Fashion & Textiles is a industry specific solution for companies that manufacture, source, process, distribute or retail Textiles, Apparel, home textiles, footwear and accessories.
For Textiles companies, Newton helps in managing the complete process from fiber to yarn to fabric to a...
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Browzwear International Ltd. [ Singapore ]
 Product : Browzwear - V-Viewer™
 About the Product : V-Viewer™ is a today’s most advanced 3D application, for collaborative garment visualization even before the first stitch is sewn! V -Viewer™ is the latest 3D garment viewing tool generating realistic and precise visualizations. Bringing you enhanced communication and collaboration, V-Viewer streaml...
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Shenzhen Boke Times Technology Development Co. Ltd. [ China ]
 Product : Shenzhen Boke Times Technology Development - BokeCAD
 About the Product : Boke Intelligence Apparel Pattern Design System fuses the global newest summit peak clothing science and technology. It absorbs multitudinous outstanding clothing CAD's essence, and changes numerous to easy with intelligence infinite. Boke software has a "intelligent pattern“, which contain intellig...
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Red Ledge Ltd. [ United Kingdom ]
 Product : Red Ledge - Hanging Garment System
 About the Product : Red Ledge's hanging garment system includes the modules like goods receipt and picking and despatch....
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Patternworks Inc. [ United States Of America ]
 Product : Patternworks - StyleFile PLM [For the Apparel Industry]
 About the Product : PLM means Product Lifecycle Management. StyleFile PLM is an organizational software tool which stores, tracks and documents details and information with reports starting from concept through production. Traditionally, only large manufacturers could afford pricey PLM software but now, even start up c...
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Prodata Computer-Dienstleistungs- Gesellschaft Mbh [ Germany ]
 Product : Prodata - Prodress@Net Branch
 About the Product : Prodress@Net Branch software is for the clothing industry and clothing wholesaler. Their products can be dresses, trousers, jackets, shoes, belts. With Prodress@Net of the branch software for clothing enterprises their tasks like sell a buying, production, labels, tariff, dispatch, account system, r...
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