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Delcam CRISPIN [ United Kingdom ]
 Product : Delcam CRISPIN SoleEngineer 2010
 About the Product : Delcam CRISPIN SoleEngineer 2010 - 3D sole unit engineering, sole mould engineering and grading

Very rapidly produce conventional or sports sole units, fashion heels for use with Delcam CRISPIN ShoeDesign and output the completed unit mould for direct machining using Delcam PowerMILL
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Browzwear International Ltd. [ Singapore ]
 Product : Browzwear - V-Viewer™
 About the Product : V-Viewer™ is a today’s most advanced 3D application, for collaborative garment visualization even before the first stitch is sewn! V -Viewer™ is the latest 3D garment viewing tool generating realistic and precise visualizations. Bringing you enhanced communication and collaboration, V-Viewer streaml...
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Digifab Systems Inc. [ United States Of America ]
 Product : Digifab Systems - Evolution Rip Layout/Server - Graphic & Textiles
 About the Product : The state of the art Textile & Graphics RIP with new advantages for graphics for Windows 2000 / XP. Print your sample yardage, banners, posters, flags, signs, photographic images, designs, artwork, and patterns digitally....
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Digifab Systems Inc. [ United States Of America ]
 Product : Digifab Systems - Evolution Textile Design Software
 About the Product : Evolution Textile Design Software is the complete turnkey solution for all your designing and coloring needs. Create or re-create your repeats & separations, and color them with our advanced color-matching system. Print sample yardage and presentation boards from your computer. No longer will you ha...
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Eneas Informatica Srl [ Italy ]
 Product : Eneas Informatica - Hosiery and Seamless
 About the Product : Eneas Informatica's Hosiery and Seamless includes the modules Eneas Designer, Eneas SimulaStitch, Eneas Colourways Editor, Eneas Change Yarn, Eneas Garment, Editting tools, Eneas Shaper, Eneas TexPhile, Eneas Shaper, Eneas 3D Stitcher, and Eneas 3D Viewer....
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P.Moschopoulos & CO EE [ Greece ]
 Product : P.Moschopoulos
 About the Product : Optitex
- PDS - Pattern Design
- Marker - Marker Making
- Nest ++2 - Automatic Nesting
- Modulate - Made to Measure
- 3D Runway™ – 3D Resolution
- Import / Export – Import / Export Files
- Converters - Direct Converter

- ProSketch - Te...
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SPA Grazia [ Russia ]
 Product : Grazia CAD
 About the Product : Complete automation of pattern design, quick creation of various models with perfect quality in all sizes and heights. With Grazia, designer creates in computer in one size a base and model constructions of clothes by any of existed construction methodics. CAD System Grazia gives an opportunity to r...
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Roland DGA Corporation [Roland Advanced Solutions Division] [ United States Of America ]
 Product : Roland - R-Wear Studio
 About the Product : Roland R-Wear Studio software comes with all of the necessary tools to design beautiful custom apparel and gifts. The software makes it easy to boost profits by personalizing everything from t-shirts and handbags to wine bottles and cell phones. The possibilities are endless! It creates templates fo...
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Automatic Cutting Technology Ltd. [ United Kingdom ]
 Product : Automatic Cutting Technology - Automatic Nesting
 About the Product : Automatic Cutting Technology's automatic nesting solutions effectively deal with any kind of material and shapes. They are the right companions of their cutting machines, to improve your production rate while reducing your material waste....
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PGM Intl Group Ltd. [ China ]
 Product : PGM Intl Group - Marker Making
 About the Product : Combine your marker making expertise with PGM™ automatic and interactive optimization textile marker making software. PGM™ manual, automatic and interactive textile Marker Making software generates nested layouts at lightening speed while minimizing material waste. PGM™ textile Mark Module is design...
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