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  • Accounting & Business Management

  • Document/Data Management and Retrieval

  • Sales, Marketing & Customer Service

  • Customised Solutions

  • Human Resources

  • Product Description
    Accounting & Business Management

  • Opera II

  • Xperience, a Pegasus Gold Partner, has been providing successful Pegasus based software solutions since 2nd December 1981.

  • Pegasus CIS

  • Pegasus CIS comes with a Subcontractors module that allows you to setup subcontractors details and assign their CIS status. When a Payment Application or subcontractor timesheet is recorded, the system will automatically calculate their tax liability based on this CIS status.

  • XRL Reporting

  • The Opera II eXcel Reporting Layer provides users with seamless integration between your financial software and Microsoft Excel. Significant time saving can be made by eliminating manual data entry into a spreadsheet by using the XRL link because XRL connects to your financial software in real-time, every report created using XRL is based upon a live, up-to-the second version of your data, guaranteeing complete accuracy.

  • Exchequer

  • It is an award winning accounting and business solution which improves organisations' productivity, through innovative technology, design and proactive support. It is demonstrably easy to use and effective compared with other accounting software. IRIS Enterprise Software offers a range of solutions, from single user up to 100+ user Client/Server systems, with single currency, dual or multi-currency versions.

    Document/Data Management and Retrieval

  • Invu

  • Imagine a system that automatically files, updates and tracks any document in your business. Your staff would save hours of unproductive time and deliver increased customer satisfaction. Invu is the simplest, most intuitive software you'll ever run on your desktop

    Sales, Marketing & Customer Service

  • ProspectSoft CRM

  • ProspectSoft CRM with it's modular structure has enabled widely different types and sizes of organisation to benefit from great improvements in customer intelligence. It runs on local or wide-area networks and provides seamless communications with mobile computing solutions for laptop computers, tablet PC's, PDA's and mobile telephones.

    Customised Solutions

  • Point of Sale

  • Fashion, Sports Retail, Shoe Retails, Trade Counter.

    Human Resources

  • Capture IT

  • CaptureIT is a comprehensive Time and Attendance, Access Control and Job Costing recording system specially designed to capture employee time data in the workplace. It by Vizual is an easy-to-follow user interface allowing users to monitor every aspect of the time employees spend in the business, and the flexible set-up ensures that the software can be configured to suit any business.

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