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About Company
Welcome to the Ursa Software web site. Our apologies for this long and rambling section of text, most of it is here so that our software for cross stitch (or X-Stitch) is listed on the search engines. Our cross stitch software is used to design your own cross stitch, tapestry, bargello, or knitting designs. You can use clip art or scanned photographs to convert into cross stitch patterns. We supply software for PC - Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT, Me and Windows 2000 Photo conversion is not all we do, of course. From the beginner to the expert, you will find a range of tools for rotating, flipping, copy and pasting. Circles, Boxes, Zoom etc etc. And when you have a design in color on screen, you can print out in a range of styles and sizes to suit yourself. We also have cross stitch software for the Apple Mac ,especially for the iMac and G3/G4 models. Why not try out our free demonstration versions? Just click on the download buttons next to the information about each x-stitch program. Oh - did we mention it's about cross stitch? :)