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About the Product
Modaris, the worldwide leader in pattern design solution, has been developed to perfectly correspond to productivity requirements and users’ type of activities and level of expertise.

Product Description
Modaris' job-dedicated environment uses traditional pattern design tools to make pattern generation faster: creation from scratch or from existing patterns, grading reproducing traditional or advanced methods, checking using state-of-the-art techniques; industrialization and pre-production tasks performed early in the development process for consequent time saving. In addition, Modaris can calculate fitting and grading and helps to considerably reduce successive back and forth checking and adjustments. With Modaris, internal and external communication is simple and easy thanks to its wide conversion possibilities. Associating 2D patterns (generated by Modaris), fabric information and 3D virtual models, Modaris 3D Fit – which constitutes a major CAD breakthrough – enables simulation and validation of styles, fabrics, motifs and color ranges; it allows pattern designers to check garment fit in various fabrics and sizes; virtual review of prototypes between brands and subcontractors, and the presentation and validation of collection elements.

Modules & Options

Modaris Mode V5R2 - Pattern Design

Modaris Mode V5R2 provides all fundamental functionalities for pattern making and grading in just a few clicks: With Modaris Mode V5R2, pattern designers have access to wide digitizing, modifying, and checking, industrializing and grading functionalities for full pattern development capabilities, including Easy Grading, Lectra’s new patented automated grading application.

Modaris ModePro V5R2 - Pattern Design

Modaris ModePro V5R2 brings the freedom to create! As such, it is of particular interests for apparel professionals specialized in pattern creation and permits advanced creation, control and modification. It includes all Modaris Mode V5R2 functionalities for digitizing, modifying, checking, industrializing and grading, including Easy Grading, Lectra’s new patented automated grading application.

Modaris ExpertPro V5R1 - Pattern Design

Modaris ExpertPro V5R1 boosts productivity with its unique and efficient pattern creation approach, the All-Size Pattern Design Concept. It allows patternmakers to work with flat patterns presenting dependencies, a unique and powerful association of functions that ensures full consistency of pattern pieces of a style and its variations at any moment in the development process. With Modaris ExpertPro V5R1, tedious checking tasks are avoided, perfect product quality is ensured and pattern designers can dedicate more time to creativity.

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