Dava Infotech Pvt. Ltd.
About Company
Dava Infotech Pvt. Ltd. is a Company that provides e-business solution by bringing about 'Automation of the out-bound Supply Chain Management'.

Dava Infotech Pvt. Ltd., a Company known for its specialized software DavaPlus, which brings about complete computerization of a Retail Chemist's operations. More than 1800+ Retailers/Distributors have successfully used "DavaPlus" to computerize their business.

"DavaPlus" helps retail chemists, distributor and C & F agencies in pharmaceutical trade to automate their business operations. This is windows based user-friendly package with Standalone / LAN / Bar code / Hospital module. Every pharmaceutical chemist, stockist and C & F agent, can bank on "Dava Plus" user friendly and operationally efficient software.

Dava Infotech has successfully made test marketing in Maharashtra, installed more than 1000 packages in a very short period, and is now looking forward to geographically expand our distribution & marketing reach to all over India.

Dava Infotech is in an advanced stage in making operational transaction portal, Dava ERP. The company owned high-end servers have been hosted is the company's headquarters in San Jose California, USA; and a pilot test to simulate transactions in pharmaceutical distribution channel is being carried out. With the launch of the transaction portal, Dava ERP, a retailer will be able to place order on the distributor automatically by connecting to the distributor through the portal. Likewise the distributor can place order on the C&Fs/Super-Stockists, and the C&Fs/Super-Stockists on the Companies.