AEGIS IT Solutions India Pvt. Ltd.
 AEGIS IT Solutions India Pvt. Ltd.
About the Product
AEGIS helps clients deal with changing business and technology issues. Their relationship with clients is a partnership. They bring their experience, best practices and tools to apply to clients unique requirements.

Product Description
AEGIS Technologies provides global software development services on SAP, Java, J2EE and .Net platforms.

Their offshore Software Development Model is a dedicated facility connected with the client's location using high-speed data communication links to allow engineers and managers to communicate on a real-time basis.

Clients on the other side of the globe can monitor developments and project milestones on an up-to-the-minute basis, ensuring both quality and progress.


  • Java

  • J2EE

  • .NET

  • SAP

  • Oracle

  • They offer a wide range of solutions within four key areas of focus:
  • ERP Solutions

  • E-Business Solutions

  • Life Sciences

  • Biometrics makes new security initiatives possible as well. The system renders three services. First it enables employees to punch in for the day. Second, it prevents buddy punching because templates stored on ID cards must match the face of the person punching in. Last, it satisfies an insurance requirement for properly matching time-and-attendance records with the people actually at work on the site. Mismatched records may cause insurers to refuse to pay a claim.

    Often used as a time-and-attendance technique that prevents buddy punching, hand geometry has also found applications in co-located corporate server farms and self-service safety deposit boxes at financial institutions.

    Information sciences may best demonstrate towards the new, knowledge-based economy, where knowledge-driven businesses replace or transform traditional industries.

  • IT Outsourcing

  • AEGIS has built a strong track record for large transformational engagements and has successfully applied globally sourced services to their proven “Design-Build-Operate” approach.

    Their Global Sourcing approach is built on intimacy, transparency, and flexibility. They design, deliver and operate solutions that not only leverage their extensive industry know-how and customer intimacy, but also their experience in managing efficient offshore and near-shore operations.

    By combining their industry and domain expertise with their proven offshore performance and scalability, they can continuously deliver improved business value to their clients.

    Software Solutions

    In addition to installing and supporting "off-the-shelf" programs and operating systems, they can also create custom applications designed to your exact specifications. Custom computer solutions are their specialty. Whether it's a single computer or multiple office locations, GCM will work with you from an initial consultation in the planning stages through the installation and fine-tuning of your system.

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